White on White: Inspiration ad infinitum

There is no secret that I am a lover of white and black.  Since a very early age, I have always been drawn to these extremes and their various gradations.  White however, is a color that I will always enjoy contrasted against itself.  It is not so much the etherial purity it conjures but rather the darkness that is hidden beneath it.  It is difficult to achieve pure white, if it even exists.  The vastness and profundity of  of this color’s varition speaks to the exact diversity that makes all design, art and life beautiful.  I will often refer back to this theme  as it has been a fountain of inspiration from me since forever. .







grey-suit4-img_4646-l944moHello and welcome to my world.  Here I hope to explore in depth the various passions I have cultivated throughout the course of my life. At a very young age, and under the influence of my father’s discerning tastes,  I’ve been collecting clues that will explain the mysteries of life’s fallen pleasures and artefacts of habits long forgotten.  I hope this investigation will lead to a final masterpiece that will allow me to combine the variables to create a sort of formula or equation to express the true connoisseur. Let’s see where this adventure takes me!

With love,